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What is Servant's Table? 

Servant's Table is a group of folks that meet every other week in a restaurant. We are a service-minded group that come together to serve, rather than be served. All are encouraged to participate in the worship service, provide leadership in the church and to help others with the organized projects of the church. 

We welcome all, including people that:

  •  are not sure of their beliefs or what this whole God and Jesus thing is about

  • might not feel comfortable inside a traditional church or church building

  • are no longer satisfied with the mission or beliefs of a traditional congregation

  • have not been affiliated with a church for a while...or ever

  • might be considered "done" with other churches

  • want to focus on God, making disciples, and serving others, and not on buildings, committees, or being tied to the song of "we've always done it that way"

  • are willing to serve rather than being served, focusing on the outward-focused ministries 

  • work together with respect of others to govern the mission of the congregation

  • are excited to work with other congregations knowing that our hands in service are pleasing to God and for the good of the community

"We at Servant's Table come together to be fed with both the Word and the Bread to be sent out to be the hands and feet of God. We recognize that being "church" is not a spectator sport. Just as Jesus and his disciples went out to tell others of God's never-ending love for them, we too will try our hardest to share that love with our neighbors.  

We welcome everyone, even if you are not sure of your beliefs, or what this whole God thing is about, if you haven't "been to church" in a while, or ever, if you are willing to work together with others in mission, both inside and outside this church, and are willing to serve rather than be served.  If you've been hurt, disgusted, or just plain sick of the church in the past, we welcome you to our table. We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We welcome you no matter your age, race, marital status, nationality, political affiliation, physical abilities or lack thereof, doubts, favorite beer or even if you prefer White Zinfandel. As Bishop Girlinghouse says, "God loves you. Period." So will we. Unless you're a real jerk, then we'll try real hard to. Come and be transformed by God's grace and love."

Our Core Team
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