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We have serves weekly at a local Tulsa restaurant/pub.  (Yes, you are responsible for your own food and drink purchases.) Stop by for some dinner or a beer or dessert or just a soda. Having our services in a public place means that all most of our offerings will go to help others in our community.  No building means no mortgage, no power bill, plumbing issues, roof leaks, and all the other stuff that takes up valuable time. Instead of doing ministry. We call it stripping away a lot of the noise and getting back to God. 

What about leadership? All of us are leaders. When we all work together, we reduce the burnout rate. 

We don't have one pastor. We have a bunch of them.  Pastors in the Tulsa area are in the rotation, giving us a message and help with the discussion after. So it's pretty cool to hear the perspectives from all these great pastors.  

Serving Others

We come to serve, not to be served. Drop your nets and follow me. You don't have to quit your job or leave your home. But you can help others in the Tulsa area once a month.  We will work together to create relationships with others in our community. 

Church Together

We are not a silo church. We are church together.  Together we can do what we can't do by ourselves. 

Some of our partner churches: 

First Lutheran Church

St Andrews Lutheran Church

Joy Lutheran Church

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